I posted this article which criticizes a recent NATO-produced anti-Russia propaganda film glorifying WWII Nazis: nato-celebrates-nazi-collaborators-who-murdered-jews-holocaust:  “In Flashy New Film, NATO Celebrates Nazi Collaborators Who Murdered Jews in the Holocaust. Top historians slam NATO for lionizing former Baltic Waffen SS fighters as anti-communist heroes.”

A Facebook friend commented:

We should not be surprised. The same people support Islamic terrorists, Ukrainian Nazis,… They will do anything to achieve their sick goals.

Another Facebook friend said:

Both US and EU have supported neo-fascist movements in East Europe in order to defeat the communist regimes.

To the second comment I reply:

Is that the reason? I don’t think so. A more reasonable conclusion, after a look at the last 30 years, is that the US and EU ARE fascist. I mean, that’s incredibly obvious without even looking at Eastern Europe, but Chris Hedges gives the details for those interested: But if you do look at Eastern Europe, here’s what you see: Russia vacated completely in the early 90s, surrendered its post-WWII security buffer against a (repeatedly and overwhelmingly) hostile west. Russia abandoned communism, and, Russia left Eastern Europe to do what it wants independently, expecting normalized relations and NOT to see the entire region re-militarized by a very clearly and totally hostile United States. Well that wish has proven to be complete fantasy. The west was, is, and will remain, totally hostile to Russia, because the west IS fascist. Not because the west USES fascists to dismantle communism, which decades ago dismantled itself.

(sarcasm) What? Hell no! I belong to a tribe of special people: progressive, well-educated, well-read, well-spoken, intelligent, professional, science-loving, religion-doubting, socially-conscious, good, great, wonderful, peace-loving people, with great taste too, credentialed, sophisticated. We know there were two Napoleons. We laugh at those who confuse them. We know who’s fit, and who’s unfit, to run our country. We’ve run this show for decades. And we’re fascist? Anyone who says so is obviously incapable of assessing reality. We’re not fascists; we’re beautiful.

So I saw this video:

Sadly, though it has a worthwhile message, more importantly, it’s simply a recipe for duping just about every single educated well-intentioned person in the US (and Europe). Simply appeal to the tribe of educated, sophisticated, science-loving, “literate”, people of “taste”, and, that’s the key to unlocking an unlimited arsenal of savage fascism, with a free pass, freely given by every single sycophantic sophisticant.

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