Europe has a Spine?

Finally some good news out of Europe, serious push back against Washington, a review of European backbone starting around 21 minutes into the audio. Thank god. Maybe there is one?

In any case, Stephen F. Cohen is the most intelligent American, however you define that, the most coherent, the most reasonable, the most sane, the most decent, the most studious, the most thoughtful, the most knowledgable… Good, another sensible person from Kentucky, which seems to breed some good ones.

The entire audio is well worth listening. The bit from 34:00 to the end at 41:29 is essential. I’ll add the transcript here once the John Batchelor Show uploads this episode to YouTube here The John Batchelor Show . Looks like they have about a month delay on their podcasts reaching YouTube. I’ll copy and improve the Google automated transcript and paste it here (note to self: do this)

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