A Cage of Locks

We live in a time in which the Democratic Party, and its voters/supporters/believers, are the leading political force driving American wars of aggression worldwide, and the leading force driving American hostility toward Russia. This has been carried so far that Russia has nowhere left to retreat and yet the Democrats keep pushing. Who are these people? Democrats. I used to be one. I voted Democrat in every election from 1986 through 2010. These are the people I’ve known and related to all my life. These are the highly educated people. The multiple degrees people, the world-travelled people, the well dressed, the people with the correct opinions, the serious people with the impressive resumes, the people impressed with each other’s cultural literacy, and so on and so on. So what’s the problem? It turns out that we see before our eyes, that these today are the people most willing to be lied to, the most willing to embrace any war propaganda, the most willing to be stupid, ignorant, vile, hateful, supportive of an endless series of American wars of aggression and mass murder, most willing to believe any lies “justifying” American crimes against humanity. These are the people MOST willing, and most delighted, to demonize other countries and leaders of other countries, and most willing (though the word “willing”/”will” is in doubt in the case of stupefied morons/zombies) to continue droning on in relentless hysterical Russia demonization even past the point of the critical world danger that we faced in 1962. We are past that point today. And these Democratic Party self-proclaimed geniuses continue their idiotic shit show. This can only mean one thing: these are the stupidest people ever to have lived.

Jonathan Toop says:

There’s stupid and there’s willfully stupid. They’re willfully stupid because they’ve formed a bubble around themselves where they shut off their brains and pretend that they are self-righteous and that anyone who disagrees with them are vile Trumpists and Putin puppets. It would be too much cognitive dissonance to step out of this bubble and admit that they and their friends and colleagues are willingly part of the problem with US politics, a decision that they committed to when they went with Hillary.

My guess is that people of this “type” are so committed to locking themselves into their “ideology” that a statistically insignificant number of them can ever get out of the cage they’ve locked themselves into. They walked into their cage, and they’ve locked it, and locked it again, and again and again and again, a cage of locks, thousands of locks over locks over locks.

As long as they’re in there, they’re insufferable. No sane person can tolerate seeing someone torturing himself like that

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