Takin’ it to eleven!


I’m 50 years old. I’ve been a pretty voracious news reader since about age 15. Almost all of these 35 years I’ve spent in real doubt about American foreign policy (war), and as a skeptic since the early 90s of neoliberal economics, and before that seeing the stupidity in Reagan’s “trickle down” economics. And for almost all of this time, up until 2011, I’ve looked at the Democrats as the adults in the room, glad that they offer at least some counterbalance to the regular parade of republican ideological buffoonery. But those days are over. The absolute idiocracy of what Democrats have become today is shocking. You could say that democrats have “taken it to eleven”, but that doesn’t cover it. It’s not just one extra notch on the dial for ummphh after you’ve gone all the way to 10 on crazy. No this is a whole different scale of crazy. Total madness. You can’t even measure it. Off the charts. The whole amp is just exploded. Or, it looks like this:

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