The Democratic Party: An Embarrassing Sham

Guest post by Dave Ray:

The corporate wing of the Democratic party, the Obama/Clinton/Pelosi/Schumer wing, has become a wasteland of paranoia and deceit. An embarrassing sham. They have absolutely nothing to offer people except a continuation of disastrous pro-war policies and a new Inquisition based on unprecedented and baseless Russia fear-mongering. Literally all they can talk about anymore is Russia. It’s pathetic. They have created an environment where speaking about Russia, speaking to Russians, or wanting peaceful relations with Russia is tantamount to treason. It’s exactly like the 1950’s McCarthy era, it’s exactly like the 1930’s Soviet “report your neighbor’s behavior” era. And the corporate Democrat media mouthpieces promulgate this fear and paranoia ad nauseam to the point where it’s basically impossible for people to have any other opinion if that is their only source. This is why so many who still consider themselves liberals and progressives have left the Democratic party. It has become the pro-war, pro-establishment, pro-corporate, pro-McCarthyist party. It stinks like my breath after a spoonful of red caviar. And people don’t realize how this switch has happened because of the habitual consumption of what they consider to be “independent” news outlets. There’s absolutely nothing free or independent about the mainstream corporate media of CNN, NYT, WaPo and the like. It’s nothing less than the mouthpiece of the corporate, pro-war wing of the Democratic party. It becomes immediately apparent once you step outside that bubble for a moment. You know something is desperately wrong in this bizarro political landscape when Democrats, John McCain, George W. Bush and the CIA are in bed together.

The progressive wing of the Democratic party, led by Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard (although Bernie has got caught up in the Russia/Trump hysteria and lost some cred with true progressives) needs to take control of the party before it’s too late. Corporatism is killing the Democratic party and turning people who used to be true liberals and rebels into party automatons who are supporting things they never thought they’d support, wittingly or not. And the media is keeping them blind to any negative aspects of this corporatist takeover (or even the fact that a takeover has happened) and instead is trying to deflect all attention to the ready-made Russian scapegoat. It’s hilarious actually in a playground politics sort of way. Democrats used to be the good guys, the party of the people. But they sold their souls for corporate cash and have become everything liberals used to rebel against. It’s a painful realization, but in order to get out of this corporatist nightmare, Democrats need to be open to the fact that everything might not be as they thought it was. Obama and Clinton might not have been the paragons of liberalism they’ve been made out to be. The mainstream media they’ve been reading might not be objective, and in fact might be selling you a bill of goods which is ultimately not in your best interest. Corporatism is doomed to failure. It is the sinking Titanic, but progressive lifeboats are still around to save the Democratic party and turn it back into the party of the people.

Reporting live from the heroic comfort of my bed.

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