Bad Novel

If you wrote a play, or something, whatever, back in the 90s looking to the future of the first 2 decades of the 21st century, you couldn’t have written a more fucked up story than what’s actually happened. If you had written a story predicting that the (alleged) party of peace, and reason, and justice, and progressiveness, would in fact react negatively (to some extent, mildly) to Bush’s wars. And that a Democratic Party candidate would come along promising that “you can take that to the bank. I will end these wars. Change is coming“. And that he would win election because of that. And that he would continue those wars. And he would ADD MANY NEW WARS. And Democratic Party voters would reveal themselves to go along with all of that and say OKIE DOKIE. That they would be converted to being either cheerleaders for the wars, or silent, and when silent mostly because they believe the wars must be OKIE DOKIE alright because. Because “OUR GUY”. WTF!? Oh but it gets worse and worse. These same people line up foaming at the mouth slobbering hating Russia because the Democratic Party tells them to. Hell, they’re ready for war with RUSSIA! Fucking maniacs, Democrats. Basically, if you wrote a story in the 90s predicting this, your story, your novel, your play, would be a joke. You would be a joke. There would be not one ounce of plausibility in it. But now we see the facts. People are simply empty stupid compliant psychotic maniacs. There’s no other conclusion. Arendt was talking about us, too. That’s what it means that evil is banal. It includes us. That was her point.

We thought that was about Nazis. But we were mistaken. Since the Origins of Totalitarianism are woven through the banality of evil, then they’re woven right through us. We’re just as ordinary, and ordinariness didn’t stop at the boundaries of WWII Nazism.

But hey, just for good measure, why don’t we team up with real Nazis today? Evidently we think we’re so purely fresh that we can even empower real Nazis, and even that won’t rub off on us. Hell, of course not. We’re exceptional. Nothing applies to us. Evil, and the banality of evil, that applies to others, all others, everyone, except us. That’s exceptionalism. There’s no moral equivalency. Indeed, we demand non-equivalence. No matter what we do, no matter how evil, it’s not evil, ’cause we’re exceptional.

The people we empowered by coup d’etat in Kiev in 2014 are real Nazis. They chant Nazi slogans. They wear Nazi symbols. They wave Nazi flags. They outlawed the Russian language on day one. They are busy renaming streets In Ukraine in honor of WWII Ukrainian Nazis who murdered Jews with enough zeal to surprise German Nazis. They hold candlelight vigil minutes of silence in honor of Nazis. They are people who have for many decades been a part of actual Nazi parties in Ukraine, with the roots of those parties extending back to WWII. And these are people, who we put in power in 2014, who never came anywhere close to winning national elections in Ukraine. We put them in power. We did that to expand NATO, claiming space for US military control all the way to the Black Sea through Sevastopol. That is to say, that by coup, in 2014, the US claimed all of Ukraine as space for US military control, including a claim on Sevastopol as a new home for the American fleet. Kiev announced intent to renege on its treaty lease of Russia’s naval base, on day 1 after the coup in 2014. Russia has had its position in Crimea since before the US existed. Crimea has been integral to Russia for centuries, so has Ukraine. Ukraine became independent in 1991. There was no need for the US to do a coup there and push NATO right up into the heart of Russian culture. This American claim for space is insanity beyond all measure. Why any sane person supports it is a real mystery. If the situation were reversed, no one would have any trouble figuring it out. Russia did not stage a coup in Virginia in 2014. Russia did not put the KKK in power in Richmond, nor claim Virginia for Russian military control and Norfolk for the Russian Fleet. If Russia would do something that crazed, the US response would not have been measured and we’d all be dead now.

But we did that. We’re crazed. Exceptionally.

Kubrick anticipated this in 1964’s Dr. Strangelove. But that was one lone “precious bodily fluids” lunatic, General Jack D. Ripper; this is an entire American political establishment gone absolutely batshit crazy. So this is far worse. More dangerous than this:

Prefer reason?

Try the bullshit-piercing articulations of Caitlin Johnstone (“the Johnstone Hammer”):

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