Who Speaks for “America’s Core Values”?

Have you looked at this video? Syriennes

I know many people are outraged at Trump’s immigration ban for Syrians.

Almost everyone I know who is outraged at the immigration ban, is silent about the 6 year long US war against Syria. People don’t say a word about the US trying to destroy the country, neither the fact that we’re doing it, nor the means by which we’re doing it, by paying and arming ISIS and Al Qaeda (and variants) to do it. Apparently many people think that since the Obama administration did that, then it must be foreign policy that’s well-formed and sensible, “professional”, David Brooks says.

There is a problem with that idea. It’s mistaken. Take a look at the women in the video here whose destruction is the goal of official US policy in Syria.

Every American public official who has been a part of the planning and implementation of our criminal war against Syria should be held to account. Though there is no legal jurisdiction that can hold any American war criminal to account, the American people should create one.

In the mean time they can be held to account through public demonstration.

Will there be public demonstration shaming American officials for serial crimes against humanity? Will there be public outrage, finally, that once again, from 2011 until now, the US has engaged in the violent overthrow of yet another secular, non-sectarian, peaceful, highly educated, highly gender-equal, socialist, Arab nation state, with the United States attempting to violently replace it with a fundamentalist medievalism that chops women’s heads off for shopping without their husbands?

Will there be outrage in American streets for that? Has there been? Will there be? Ever?

What about support for the new President of the US, the one who has said consistently and for a long time, that we must stop our war policy? He’s the scary criminal? He’s the guy undermining “America’s core values”?

Yeah, I got an email yesterday from a true champion (sarcasm) of America’s core values, Madelaine Albright. The subject of the email: “America’s core values”. In it, Albright says, regarding Trump’s immigration EO, “This is a cruel measure that represents a stark departure from America’s core values. We have a proud tradition of sheltering those fleeing violence and persecution.”

Albright and her Party, the Democratic Party, and her Party’s President, Barak Obama, have been (Albright is correct), steady on course, right on target, well and truly aligned with America’s core values. And those values are: full spectrum dominance, total global domination, violent opposition to any independent national governments worldwide, global enforcement, by any means necessary, of neoliberal economic and political structures, violent destruction of real democracy anywhere it exists, violent destruction of other nations both weak and strong, destruction of human rights everywhere. America’s core value is to be the most energetic and muscular vehicle of Adam Smith’s vile maxim: “All for ourselves, and nothing for other people.” And as some American people have begun to notice, “ourselves” doesn’t mean “the American people”. Far from it. “ourselves” means the cabal of psychotic, crazed, war-mongering maniacs that control the apparatus of power. Power! That’s the core American value, the creation of violence and persecution.

If you haven’t noticed this, then that is either because you yourself are a crazed war-mongering maniac, or, because you are well and truly hypnotized by a relentless life-long psychological operation designed to make you believe that war is peace and up is down.

Things have been getting worse. I don’t understand how it can work anymore. It’s gotten very extreme. I do not understand how normally intelligent people can continue to watch CNN, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, read the New York Times, The Washington Post; these outlets have become in recent years just absolute foaming-at-the-mouth deranged, progressively over the last 15 years, and more so in the last year.

I don’t understand how anyone can still watch these. To me it’s shocking. The level of insanity just takes your breath away. But somehow, and I don’t understand how, most people seem to think it continues to be serious and reasonable reporting and analysis.

This adds up to doom.

When left/liberal/progressive people are enchanted by relentless hysteria and will go out into the streets uprising against a guy who says he’s against our string of imperial and criminal wars of aggression, while Rachel Maddow (who I used to admire years ago profoundly) bangs the drum of war with Russia…

Hey, let me just say this, you people have gone absolutely nuts, and you know what? I’ll stand with the guy who stands with the women in the video here Syriennes

I oppose, absolutely, the “core values” that have planned and carried out the destruction of Syria, and empowered fundamentalist extremism in its place.

Watch the video. It’s recorded in Syria in 2016. It interviews Syrian women. Listen to what they say. It’s only 18 minutes.

(I voted for the Democratic Party my whole life since 1986, until 2012 when I stopped)

Links to more information about Syria here:



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